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supersteeze's advice for Karin in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 22, 2016

Max damage I have found so far for each amount of meter spend.
Non V-Trigger Combos

No meter: Crush Counter/Jump In HK>Cr.MP>St.MP>Instant Tenpo>Orochi

1 Bar: Crush Counter/Jump in HK>HP>Instant Tenpo>LK Mujikyaku>ex just frame tenpo

2 Bars: Crush counter/jump in HK>HP>Instant tenpo>LK Mujinkyaku>ex just frame tenpo>ex orochi
3 Bars: Crush counter/Jump in HK>HP>instant tenpo>orochi>critical art

In the corner. Non V-trigger combos.

No bars: cc/j.Hk>>>instant tenpo>any follow up

1 bar: cc/>hp>instant tenpo>instant tenpo>ex dp

2 Bars: cc/>hp>instasnt tenpo>lk mujinkyaku (low to ground)>ex tenpo>ex dp

3 Bars: cc/>hp>instant tenpo>instant tenpo>critical art (low to ground)