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NumeroGaijin's advice for Karin in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 22, 2016

After some extensive play, I can honestly say that Karin in this version is decent at best. She will not be going to far as far as high level play goes. Even with the proper mix up, she doesn't have enough to make those that know the matchup have to respect her. Her overhead grab sucks and doesn't require any respect. All her moves other than her lights get stuffed or punished easily on reaction. In V trigger, she becomes better but not by much. She is way too reliant on her V trigger and that is not a good thing imo. Her V skill is trash and a little slow but can be made safe. Most people are saying she is so good because of what she can do if she gets certain hits but that will be meaningless as time goes on. I'd rather have her V skill changed to her counter (ridiculously changed to her V reversal when the two should be swapped imo) from alpha 3. I wish she had an entire V trigger overhaul imo. She needs her V trigger moves to be apart of her normal move list or at least make her moves in V trigger more safe. Having -11 strings in V trigger and certain moves after the initial string not be true block strings is just plain stupid imo. Characters like Bison on the other hand gain a plethora of tools for every situation this time around. When Bison players find out and are able to execute the new tools correctly, then you all will know how stupid he is in this game. There are more reasons for Karin not being as good as people think right now but not enough time to explain. Can't wait for balance changes next year is all I have to say lol!