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FGC_Southpaw's advice for Zangief in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 21, 2016

A couple things I've noticed with everyone's favorite Russian Wrestler. First of all the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to practice Zangief when you are beginning is to practice your SPD's so they come out whenever you want to use them; using SPD, especially as a punish against things that are -4 or so , can be tricky so this is incredibly important.

Zangief's v-skill is a very handy tool, but don't use it too liberally. I see a lot of players wanting to use it on player jump ins, but because it only absorbs 2 hits, it's very easy to break it on jump in. Some cool things you can do with his v-skill include following up with an SPD, or even dashing out of it into an SPD.

Other notable things Zangief can do:
Cancel fireballs with his f.HP
SPD from tapping v-trigger (only sucking them in, not after they get hit or block it.)
You can cancel or into light Siberian Express.
His st.LP is a great anti air tool.