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elvandar's advice for Ryu in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 21, 2016

Someone that has played 3rd strike might want to use Ryu's V-Skill (Parry, Mind's Eye) in a similar way but will quickly notice that it is not as quick and useful as parrying was back then.

Ryu's V-Skill parry is a slower version of the 3rd strike one. It has more activation frames (3), and a very long recovery (29). It is still very useful when used correctly. You can parry attacks in succession but it is best used against heavier attacks that have longer recovery.

Your best bet is to use a heavy Shoryuken after a successful parry. It will mitigate faster attacks that could hit you even if you try to parry again.

To sum up, Ryu's parry can be extremely useful but it's a double edge sword. If you miss your parry you get hit, and if you just throw parry's out randomly its slow recovery will get you punish. As everything in this game, practice practice practice.