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MaysTheCraze's advice for Karin in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 20, 2016


And of course, I cannot forget cancels into V-Trigger. Because Karin's V-Trigger is so important (specifically her Rekkas), it is vital you find safe ways to activate it. Lots of people use it like it's X-Factor from UMvC3 (a.k.a. when they have low health and from full screen). Firstly, I would not recommend this since your opponent can simply lame your V-Meter out. Instead, cancel from it from stuff like s.MP (which leaves you at +5 on block) and s.HP (+8 on block) to begin your shenanigans.

More gimmicky stuff includes her fully charged V-Skill. I would only recommend using it if you've successfully scared your opponent into not hitting any buttons. If the charged V-Skill is blocked you are left at +15(!) and basically free to do whatever you want.

I likely missed something here. If so, I will try to add on later.