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MaysTheCraze's advice for Karin in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 20, 2016

In terms of pressure, she has a number of options.

For frame traps, use s.LK. It has bad range but is +3 on block. The trick is to hit a blocking foe with it, wait a split second, and then use c.MP (which is also safe on block at +2). Often, you will net a counter hit, allowing you to go into s.MP into whatever.

Her f+MK overhead has suspect range but good damage. It is nice to sneak in every once in awhile and mostly safe at -4. Don't go too overboard with it and it will serve you well.

Mujinkyaku is an interesting move. LK Mujinkyaku is -5 on block and starts up fairly quickly, so it can be used as a sort of 'trap' for foes that don't like to hit buttons. Basically, they block it, and you immediately use a normal like c.MK or c.MP to cancel into another LK Mujinkyaku. However, since you are left at frame disadvantage, an opponent can jab you before you get your normal out, so you shouldn't autopilot it, but don't be afraid to use it for pressure every once and awhile since you'll often land a ton of stray hits, helping you get closer to victory. The chip damage is always worth it too. For a mixup, replace the LK version for the MK version. The last hit of the MK version is an overhead and can go over lows. This works perfectly since people tend to mash out lows as soon as they see the initial animation is over, which can net you a counter hit you can follow up on! Fast jabs however will interrupt the third hit, so watch out for that. Finally, HK Mujinkyaku should be strictly used for combos as it is horribly unsafe on block.

LP Ressenha is an overhead and if confirmed, can be canceled into her d+K slide followup for knockdown or her u+K grab followup if they keep standing or are anticipating the slide followup. You can cancel your normals (c.MK, c.MP, s.MP, etc) into it instead of Mujinkyaku for a relatively quick mixup that is hard to react to and must be blocked high. However, be aware that LP Ressenha is -6 on block and can be punished if the opponent is aware, so use caution. Also, an opponent can simply crouch after the blocked Ressenha to avoid all her followups, leaving her in harm's way.

However, her (likely) safest pressure is from Orochi (d+P after her QCF+K command dash). Orochi is -2 on block while beating out anyone mashing buttons to give you some nice frame advantage. You can also combo off of counterhits.

You can of course cancel into her command dash (QCF+K) without doing any of the follow ups and sneak in stuff like throws, frame traps, etc. However, I would save this sort of strategy for when you've conditioned your opponent to sit there and not mash buttons.