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Kharyus' advice for F.A.N.G in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 20, 2016

Part 2.

+Charge Tips:
Since F.A.N.G is a charge character, you have to make sure you have charge to do his special moves. To help accomplish this goal you can use his V-Skill when you are out of charge and the opponent at distance, so that you may charge while the animation goes off and also get the benefits of having that poison on the screen.

+General Strategy:
As i have explained, your goal is to poison your opponent and then let the clock tick. One way to reach this is by creating a barrier between you and your adversary. Use Poison Fireballs, Poison Bomb and V-Skill interchangeably to make sure there's always something in your adversary's way to you. For instance (V-skill to get some charge going, Poison Fireballs to zone the opponent and also anti-air him and then Poison Bomb to put a barrier on the ground. After that you can mix that up with different sequences.)
To be frank, an option that seems to be working effectively right now is just spamming Poison Fireballs, but make sure you throw some in the way of his dashing so he doesn't dash straight into you.

After a sweep knockdown, you can immediately do a L.Poison Fireball and then use H.Escape Slide to cross under the opponent. If he takes the hit you can sweep him again to get him back into the vortex, or you can do a damage combo. You can also use L.Escape Slide to fake the cross under so that you end on the same side as you were to confuse the opponent.

I hope you guys find this useful, cheers.