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Kharyus' advice for F.A.N.G in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 20, 2016

Hello, i hope this tip may be useful to other players, especially beginners that might be wanting to use F.A.N.G.

- Slippery character with his Escape Slide and Coward Crouch.
- If played properly, annoys the hell out of your opponents.
- Strong keep-away game.
- Deals damage over time, a unique characteristic that separates F.A.N.G from the rest of the cast.
- The responsibility of going on the offense is on the opponent.

- Like characters such as Nash, F.A.N.G's really huge con is not having Invincible moves to wake-up with, having to rely on blocking well, V-Reversal and generally avoiding this situation when possible.
- His damage output is not that great compared to the rest of the cast, for good reason since he has the extra damage from poison.
- His normal moves are not that good.
- Not necessarily a con, but he is a Charge character and some players, especially beginners, might struggle with this aspect.

- Cr.HP: Good anti-air that can comboed off.
- St.MK: Good AA for its specific distance.
- Poison Fireballs: Really good anti-air that hits twice and sometimes only once leaving the second fireball as setup; the drawback is that it needs charge, has long recovery and if missed opens you up to be big damage punishes.
- Poison Lunge Punch: Used for relatively long distance, therefore it's situational and should only be used in specific situations.

Fang is a character that gets his damage over time through poisoning the opponent. Your goal is not to get in the opponent's face but rather run away and be as annoying as you can be. Your primary goal is to make sure the opponent is poisoned at all times, and then avoid getting hit so the poison doesn't fade. To achieve this goal you have tools such as:

- Poison Bomb to let a small barrier on the ground.
- Poison Fireballs to zone the opponent out and poison him on his mistakes.
- V-Skill to make those mistakes happen, and scare the opponent.
- Escape Slide to get out of bad situations, the corner and to cross under the opponent.
- Poison Lunge Punch for punishes and combos.

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