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Kharyus' advice for Nash in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 20, 2016

Hey, username Pusher has asked me for some BNBs and combos utilizing V-Triggers, so I'm going to paste what I replied to him here in the hopes that it might be useful to other players.

So I guess this is Part 3.

+BNB: When you jump in on your opponent, you can do (Cr.MP, St.MP canceled into H.Sonic Scythe), but don't do the H.Sonic Scythe if you have seen the opponent is blocking. Doing that will leave you vulnerable for a big combo, so if you are not that confident on hit-confirming combos yet, I suggest doing it only when you are absolutely sure it's going to hit.

+Critical Art: When you have your Super bar filled, you can easily change the BNB to (Cr.MP, St.MP xx M.Sonic Scythe xx Critical Art). This way, you can get a lot of extra damage for almost the same thing you would be doing anyway.

+Knockdown: Suppose you get a knockdown on your opponent and he does not quick rise, you could change the combo into (Meaty (see note 2 below) Cr.HP, St.MP xx H.Sonic Scythe) to get some extra damage.

+V-Trigger: I believe V-trigger is very useful in the neutral game, so I don't particularly use it in combos too much, but in case your opponent is almost dead and the V-trigger is the difference between him living and dying, then absolutely go for it. For the V-trigger you could do this (Cr.MP, St.MP xx L.Sonic Boom xx Forward.V-Trigger, Jumping.HP, St.HP xx H.Sonic Scythe). If you have full Super bar, you can also change the H.Sonic Scythe at the end to M.Sonic Scythe and cancel it into Super.

+Critical Art Neutral Tricks: When your opponent is throwing fireballs, you can use a raw Super to go through them. It works almost full-screen. You can also do the same when the opponent jumps on you with the right timing. You can also throw your own Sonic Booms to create an incentive for the opponent to throw his fireball, then you use Super to go through both of your fireballs.

+Avoid Spamming Fireballs: I don't believe Nash is a fireball focused character. His fireballs are there to help him in specific situations but are not meant to be used constantly, since that will only give your opponent huge opportunities for jump-ins. An instance where you should be using them is when you are at fullscreen distance from your opponent: you can do H.Sonic Boom (that’s the slow version) so you can move together with it to apply pressure.

+Avoid Unsafe Moves: Tragedy Assault is easily punishable on block so you have to be careful about when to use it. You can and should use it to go through fireballs though. Moonsault Slash, for its part, is not unsafe when it connects, but it has a long startup that can be punished. Again, I advise caution when using it.

Note: There are more combos and Crush counters options out there but I have faith that this knowledge will be enough to get your engines starting.

Note 2: I'm using Meaty here just to say that as soon as your opponent wakes up you want the attack hitting him at the same time, so don't worry too much about this.

Shout outs to Disciple_X for correcting the grammar in my tips. :D