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RoKtheReaper's advice for Cammy in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 20, 2016

My helpful tip for playing Cammy comes from the mindset needed to play as her. There will be plenty of examples of combos and punishes overtime, but these will change as the game evolves; what I will give you is a solid idea of how Cammy should be played. First off, a little knowledge about her.

Cammy White is a character that was introduced in "New Challengers" version of Street Fighter II, become the second female character after Chun-Li. She is a fan favorite and is one of the most well known characters in the universe. She is a former puppet of M.Bison (Dictator) and was codenamed "Killer Bee", she has since become a member of Delta Red and fights against corruption instead of spreading it.

Cammy has been aggressive in every game she has appeared in, not limited to CAPCOM vs SNK 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, and Street Fighter IV. She possess four signature moves that are seen across her character:

Spiral Arrow (Formerly Canon Drill)- Which is good for ending combos and leaving yourself in a good position to pressure them upon wake-up. EX version is also good for punishing fireballs on reaction.

Canon Spike (Formerly Thrust Kick)- Is very good for punishing opponents for jumping in as an anti-air, also the most damaging combo ender special she has.

Hooligan Combination- Very good for punishing an opponent who is throwing out projectiles(EX). Good mix-up between going into Canon Strike, Razor edge (low), and Frankensteiner (grab). Also good for mix-ups after her target combo (connecting the target combo, connecting with a heavy punch and canceled into Hooligan).

Quick Spin Knuckle (Formerly known as "Spinning Back Fist" and is also now her V-Skill). Good for punishing predictable fireball patterns and switching sides on opponent's wake-up.

As a Cammy player you should be aiming to swarm your opponent, especially within Street Fighter V. The official Street Fighter V Character Introduction to Cammy says,"With no fireball or command grab to speak of, Cammy is all about smothering the opponent and fishing for counter hits. Once she finds her way in, she tends to dominate the round quickly".

Cammy has never really been a character that had a strong poke game, but she does excel in going in-and-out of optimum range through her quick walk speed in order to bait an opponent to throwing out a limb as an opportunity to dash closer. She tends to use frame traps when close, fishing for those "counter hits" and using those same frame traps and block strings in order to create an uncomfortable okizeme game after she scores a knock down. Her walk speed can also easily punish whiffed throws by attempting throws multiple times on an opponent to "train them" and then walk backwards and punish their whiff.

Cammy is a character who becomes deadly with momentum. Once you have an opponent on the ropes, do not let up.