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player_20's advice for Laura in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 20, 2016

For beginners, the hardest things to do are learning how to punish the enemy using Laura and what to do on wake up.


Step 1 - The Punish!
Just remember the most important thing is to mash light jab into light bolt(elbow). If you're mashing jab to get out of a pressure, motion it into light bolt so you can react on hit, always, because it's safe on block so even if you mess up not all is lost! Opponent's string of normals ended? or you feel there's a gap? cr mk into light bolt.

If they blocked the jab or cr mk? You can still light bolt for the semi-safe chip! Remember this is not the most favorable position for Laura as it puts her in a 50-50 situation.

Step 2 - Getting the combo and mixup!
If light bolt hits, go into command grab instantly. Only way to get out of it is jump which means you can choose to do command grab or hard bolt for anti air.

Step 3 - Covering Options
If you messed up and your light bolt gets blocked, it is safe but you have no advantage, if your opponent mashes jab together with you after the block, they will almost always win assuming perfect timing after block stun. You can mash jab and hope your opponent is stupid enough to hit a button that isn't light and that can go into another light bolt. BUT, assuming your opponent is not a complete fool, it's best to go back into a defensive state and bait another mistake. Note that you can get grabbed after a blocked light bolt so get ready for tech or jump! This mostly boils down to a 50-50 game between guard and tech/jump.


Wake up game.

EX bolt. It has armor and WILL save you from wake up pressure, corner pressure, fireball pressure... well, anything with the word pressure in it! It will even go through single hit ex fireballs, including Nash's and Bison's(dictator), so mash away!(I kid, don't abuse it THAT much)

Once you have done this once or twice on wake up, you can safely wake up any other time without mashing it as your opponent will be wary of going near you, almost as if you have a shoryuken up your sleeves!(Unless your ex meter is empty)

Note that you are not safe on block and even a plethora of HP/HK can punish you, so use with caution.