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SFVengeance's advice for Laura in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 20, 2016

These are the notes on Laura I got from the beta I think number 4 (was playing her a lot)

Her best actions are as follows:
* J.MK -> Can cross up for more potential
* J.HK -> Great Air-to-Air for trades
* CR.HP -> Decent range, safe on block, can cancel into specials or v-skill.
* CR.MK great range, hits low, cancellable but doesnt combo with MP Bolt Charge but combos with LP Bolt Charge though.
Can potentially frametrap into if close enough.
* CR. MP cancellable, good range.

Good points

- Her V-Skill dash is easily one of the most useful in the game, you can cancel it out of every normal. You can easily bait fireballs and mix up your play a lot.

- Strong mixup potential for fast hard players.

- Her V-Trigger fills normally and you can use it instantly. You can V-Reversal early in a round and still get to use V-Trigger.

- Anti-air Bolt Charge is a good anti air at the correct angle.


- I have to say her target combo [S.MP - S.MK] isn't cancellable into anything useful and she can't follow up.

- Light Bolt Charge is safe on block but thats it. I would advise using any dfollow up and it can be counter hit.

- Command throw is easily countered. Avoid using it a lot when behind in a match

- No reversals really. Hard to use character further down the meta.