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Mizaiya's advice for Rashid in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 20, 2016

Here's some tips

f+HP does not go over low attacks nor is it grab invincible, and if blocked it can be jabbed punished.

st.MK can be comboed into st or cr.LP on counter if close enough

After getting a Crush Counter with st.HK in the middle of the screen, you can do st.HP early and get a cross up, or do it late to fake a cross up.

If you're have trouble getting over or past Zangief, then try to land st.HP into ex.Eagle Spike. It will deal some chip and stamina and get you away for only one bar.

Don't think of Rashid's V.Trigger as just a mix up or pressure tool, it can also be used as a way to get free chip damage. If your opponent is blocking too much, just use the V.Trigger at the back of the screen and do the enhanced version of Eagle Spike. This version of Eagle Spike is very fast, does 38 chip damage, and is very hard to punish or get pressure off of. You can get three of these from one tornado, leading to 114 damage in chip. You can also use the remaining distance to get a running Eagle Spike that is safe against certain characters (not Birdie, Dictator, or Cammy)