StanleyCKC's advice for Chun-Li in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 20, 2016

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Here's a few things to think about

VSkill tackle can get you 3 step kicks into EX Legs but it's rare to be able to VSkill tackle someone
VSkill into step kick into J.MK is a pretty decent crossup
[However better opponents will know how to deal with the step kicks so you may want to do just the crossup part]

Counter hit Forward+HK can lead into Cr.lp,, xx Light Bird
Counter hit Cr.LP can go into Cr.MK
Crush Counter St.HK can lead into dash forward Cr.lp,, xx Light Bird

Back+HP is surprisingly good at crush countering wake ups which you can then confirm into hard legs

DF+HK into Cr.MK xx Medium Bird is a pretty good cross up if used sparingly
[It is fairly slow so it's pretty easy to react to if you do it too much]

EX Bird is actually a pretty good anti air

Forward + MP, St.MK, St.HP, St.HK might annoy your opponents and is great for keeping them at range
[Make sure to walk forward a bit after Forward + MP to connect the St.MK]

Forward + HK can corpse hop, afterwards you can try to get a combo off or grab maybe even corpse hop back again if they are not quick rising


That's All I Got Guys
Good Luck! [And Good Luck to me as well]