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Kharyus' advice for Nash in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 20, 2016

Part 2

I'm not going to get much into combos since I believe they are straightforward and can be found all over Youtube. Instead I will talk about the next best thing in this game: blockstrings.

In Street Fighter V, as you should probably know, blocked normal moves deal white damage to the opponent's health bar that will be removed when his guard is broken. So, knowing that Nash has a lot of good normals, he can use this mechanic to its full potential. Instead of finishing your blockstrings with a special move, try to continue with hopkicks and moves that let you mount the pressure, move you forward and recover fast so as to not be punished. An example would be (Cr.MP, St.MP, Forward.MK, Cr.MK). I would suggest mixing that up and being extra mindful of the gaps in your blockstrings if your opponent has a DP/Invincible move.

With that in mind, your goal as Nash is to pressure your opponent with his variety of normals. When you feel you are ready to capitalize on that white damage, and if the opponent has not yet taken a hit by now, you can start the dirty tricks. Nash has a target combo with an overhead--Cr.MP -> Forward.MP--so use that to open your opponent up and get all that white damage paid off. If that still does not work, it's all right because now the opponent must respect that option, so you can add Grabs and low-hitting moves to your arsenal to make him second guess himself and finally let his guard down.

+Cheap Stuff (AKA: “Why read all the other stuff?”):
You can also just go full mindless mode and spam his target combo over and over again. You will be surprised by how well it works, then when the opponent blocks, you can sweep/throw him and force him to guess on wake-up. Beware that it's just a matter of time before people get used to this, so enjoy it while it works.

+Conclusion: Use white damage to its true potential. I strongly believe it's THE mechanic that's going to separate players in this iteration of Street Fighter.