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Kharyus' advice for Nash in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 20, 2016

In this tip, I will explain Nash as I play him, but I've seen that there's a lot of variety in how Nash players use him. On one end of the spectrum, you have the fireball-heavy Nash players playing defensively, and on the other, pressure-heavy players using his normals/specials to open the opponent up.

- A lot of Normals, each one suited to its own purpose.
- Really easy to hit-confirm combos. Which also means it's easy to add a Super in the combo and make that bar count.
- Can steal opponent's CA bar with Tragedy Assault. The EX version steals life.
- Really strong mix-up game with Overhead/Target combo Overhead, lows and throw.
- Wake-up game is really strong because of his mix-up game, with the added option of meaty moves.
- Can throw slow fireballs from a distance to help him reach his opponent and apply extra pressure.
- Can V-Trigger off connected special moves, which gives him greater possibilities in combos.

- A really huge con is the lack of an Invincible move, so when Nash is knocked down, it's really hard to get out of that situation. In those instances I recommend V-reversal/V-trigger, but be aware that V-trigger can be stuffed with a meaty move.
- Perhaps not completely a con, but since you have a lot of moves to choose from, remembering your options as the situation arises can be troublesome.

- St.HK: Really good Anti-air.
- St.MK: Good AA.
- St.MP: To me this seems like it wouldn't work, but it actually does often.
- V-skill: Good for relatively far jump-ins, also gives you V-trigger bar.
- Cr.HP: Must be used with the right spacing, and V-skill would probably cover that space anyway, so it's very situational.
- Cr.MP: I see this being more useful to retract your hurtbox than actual anti-airing. If the opponent tries to cross you up, depending on the height of the move, it whiffs and you can grab/punish the opponent.
- Ex.Sonic Scythe: I didn't feel like adding this before because of having to spend bar, but i have seen this being used a lot since then and it's really good. It has a great cost-benefit.

End of Part 1