StanleyCKC's advice for Chun-Li in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

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posted February 20, 2016


[Submitting for the contest and also to help Chun Li players take over the ladder]

Here's what I consider to be some fairly optimal combos for Chun Li
Some of these I found off videos but most I have discovered my self
These combos are based off the current version of the game as of 2/19 so damage values
or combos may change in the future
I did not include any critical art or jump ins for these combos but you can add them in if you'd like
You can typically critical art cancel off any of Chun Li's lightning legs
Let me know if anything is wrong or the damage / stun is off
Splitting into 3 parts because this has too many characters

Hit Confirms
-------------, cr.lp, st.lp xx Hard Legs
146 Damage
273 Stun

Cr.lp,, xx Light Bird
[You have to late cancel for this combo]
[You can actually do a Medium Bird cancel but its timing is strict]
[Alternatively you can do the standard Hard Legs which is easier but no knockdown]
198 Damage
382 Stun

Instant Air Med Legs, cr.lp xx Light Legs, cr.lp xx Light Bird
[Great tool to use as a fairly fast overhead into combo but pretty difficult to pull off]
228 Damage
356 Stun

F+HK, St.LP xx Light Bird or Hard Legs
[Must be edge of F+HK to link very strange]
[Does not work if you land the F+HK too close]
203 Damage
309 Stun

Cr.lp xx Light legs, cr.lp Light Bird
[Cr.lp is a 3 frame jab so this can actually get you out of alot of pressure from the opponent]
[You have to be right next to the opponent however to link cr.lp after light legs]
[This also applies to other combos using Cr.lp xx Light legs as well as Cr.hp xx Light Legs]
[So if your too far you may consider using Cr.lp xx Medium Legs for the damage]
192 Damage
340 Stun

Cr.HP xx Light Legs, cr.lp xx Light Bird
232 Damage
370 Stun

Cr.HP xx EX Fireball, cr.lp, xx Hard Legs
280 Damage
489 Stun