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Mero's advice for F.A.N.G in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 19, 2016

F.A.N.G is a very interesting character.
His zoning game isn't the best but is really effective. If you try to outzone a shoto you will probably eat a few fireballs, but you will also poison your opponent to the point where he will have to go in on you. alternatively you can sliode under a fireball and punish with Critical Art. His zoning is super effective against grapplers however. Zangief has a real hard time getting in on F.A.N.G, and when he does F.A.N.G can punish him with lungepunch or poisonbomb, then slide away to safety. Birdie has an even harder time beacause his jumpgrab can be stuffed by poisonballs.

Close up F.A.N.G has decent damage and alot of tricks to his disposal. Do some damage, get your opponent poisoned and get to safety, forcing them to go in on you.
I've had some issues getting out of preassure from quick characters like Laura, Karin and Necalli. But if you keep calm and know your buttons, (better than me) you should be able to get away.

Just a Note.
F.A.N.G's Critical art can be used in combos. It can also be used as an anti air. ALSO if it misses F.A.N.G reigns down a firey inferno of birdpoop on anyone beneath him.