NoTechZone's advice for Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted February 13, 2016

Mac is either high risk high reward character, or play him tactically. He has the best punishes in the game with a jab coming out on frame one and some of the fastest smashes in the game. 100% percent is kill percent as a mac. forward smash unstaled kills here, and so will up smash, a good option out of dash on a missed tech. His d-tilt is one of his best combo tools and combos into basically everything he has at varying percents. If you want to play in your face game then you better do it right as one mistake can ruin a stock. Utilize your roll dodge. "only scrubs roll". this is an elitist statement. macs dodge is incredible. it is very fast, and mixed with jab and d-tilt can be very hard to punish. not impossible though, don't abuse it. up tilt combos into up b at about 60% depending on DI. down throw combos into up-b for the kill at about 100% up b comes out pretty quick and from standing goes pretty high. use this as an air dodge punish from the floor. sorry this wasn't super organized (kind of all over the place) but im going to leave this how it is because i'm lazy and wanna smash. Good Luck