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Vandylizer's advice for Laura in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 5, 2016

Good stuff!

As of the final beta build Laura's forward dash is 17 frames, which is actually faster than her VS forward (avante) which is 21 frames.

Similarly, her 21 frame backdash appears to be faster than her VS backdash (equiva) which comes in at 26 frames.

So one might "why use the VS dash at all if the regular dash is faster"? Besides the difference in dash distance, you can cancel the VS dash like a special move, which is useful during air reset situations where you can dash under the opponent for a cross under or meaty command throw ;)
Also her VS backdash can have its recovery cancelled into the forward dash, so you can quickly back off and rush back in for a command throw or frame trap setup.

All this is obviously subject to change in the final build, but I thought I'd share for those interested.