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wayku's advice for Rashid in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 1, 2016

So, for this last beta I played Rashid strictly. His eagle spike is incredibly unsafe on block (not surprising); however, it goes great for linking after mp, or cr. mk/cr. lp.

Spinning Mixer or Beyblade is a fantastic move overall. It acts as a combo-ender that can push your enemy into the corner. Also, the light version of Beyblade has -2 on block I believe so you can grab right out of it (As long as you don't "Mash" the button at all) This can provide a good reset.

Rashid's V-Skill has some interesting utility, it can be used to cross-up, but most players that are any good will block an Eagle Spike, or punish for simply landing on the ground. However, Rashid's Rolling Assault is fantastic versus projectile spammers. While you are able to roll under hadoukens, you cannot roll under Laura's fireballs, or Chun-Li's Kikoken's.

Overall, your m.P is FANTASTIC as a hit confirm. You can L. Eagle Spike out of it for a reset, L. Beyblade, or my personal favorite Ex. Eagle Spike into m. Beyblade