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meltsy's advice for Laura in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted February 1, 2016

Day -15 notes on her (from Beta #4)

Her best buttons:
- -> Crosses up, can follow up with cr.HP on hit.
- -> Great Air-to-Air
- cr.hp -> good range, safe on block, cancels into specials/v-skill.
- -> great range, hits low, cancellable but doesnt combo with MP Bolt Charge but combos with LP Bolt Charge / V-Skill.
- -> cancellable, catches people trying to jump out of your frametraps. Can frame trap into itself, but loses to fast normals.
- -> cancellable, her best antiair, terrible range on grounded opponents but good frame advantage on block. Can frametrap into if close enough to stuff most cr. lights.
- cr. mp -> cancellable, good range.

- Her V-Skill dash is one of the most useful in the game, you can cancel it out of almost every normal she has. But don't abuse it or you will get counter hit a lot. You can easily bait fireballs with its back-forth dash too.

- Strong mixup potential once she is in. Think Makoto/Abel.

- Her V-Trigger fills quickly and lasts for a good bit. You can V-Reversal early in a round and still get to use V-Trigger.

- Very easy to convert Crush Counters at most distances with varying damage.

- Very nice and easy to use reset combo with EX Thunder Clap (qcb+PP) into

- Anti-air Bolt Charge (qcf+HP) is a great antiair at the correct angle, but it trades a lot with a disavantage for Laura. s.MP is an awesome antiair too.

- Good comeback potential if your mixups work and your opponent panics, due to high stun/damage combos.

- No links whatsoever, only on counter hits. That means it's hard/impossible to hit confirm and you must commit to your mixups. You get read = you lose. Once again, think Makoto with no hit confirms.

- Her target combo (s.MP-s.MK) doesn't cancel/link into anything and leaves her at frame disavantage. Maybe only useful for training your opponent to block and then eat a command throw.

- LP Bolt Charge is safe on block but has no advantage. If you press cr.lp after it (her fastest button) you will still get counter hit by a lot of faster/harder hitting normals. cr.lp also loses to a throw after LP Bolt Charge.

- Her command throw is stuffed by basically anything. It loses to normals and to throws. Her EX command throw is even worse. The only redeeming factor is that she does a mini-dash during her EX, so it might get opponents off guard. But don't expect to use any version as a reversal. Which brings us to my main issue with her...

- No reversals whatsoever. Her EX Bolt Charge (qcf+PP) has armor, but the armor doesn't activate until some frames into the move, so it loses completely to a meaty. It's unsafe on block but at least is not counter-hit punishable. Backdash/V-Skill dash is asking for a Counter Hit too.