crimson316's advice for Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted January 11, 2016

Little Mac is a character that relies heavily on punishing. With very few options to pressure the opponent safely (those being f-tilt, d-tilt, and f-smash straight), he will have to wait until his opponent retaliates to start racking up serious damage. Fortunately, Mac has one of the best punish games in Sm4sh, with his forward smash able to rack up good amounts of damage even after being used consistently (though throwing this move out is not recommended, as while it is a strong move, it is also very punishable in return). His f-smash can also be angled for different effects. When angled upwards, it's a powerful launching move that does low damage, and has increased range, as Mac will take a step forward when performing the attack. Angled downwards, the f-smash will do small knock back, but increased damage, even being able to shatter a slightly weakened shield. Use these as mix ups from your standard f-smash to catch your opponent off guard, or whenever the situation may call for it. Overall, be aggressive, but be smart. Don't rush in and dash attack immediately, but get a feel for your opponent first. See if they're the type of player to try to grab and gimp you immediately, if they're aggressive and like to rush you, or if they're defensive and try to space you out. Find out their patterns, and when an opening pops up, take it and punish hard.