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ErronBackInBlack's advice for Erron Black in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted November 17, 2015

I play all three of erron's variations: all of which are all great variations if played right.

With marksman, it's main edge is for pressure, zoning and combos. The Marksman rifle low shot (down,forward 1) is one of your main tools with Marksman as you are able to cancel. This means that general combos will be higher (if cancelled quick enough) and deal more damage. Not to mention the pressure you can put on someone when using your cancels. Note, however, that his cancels will take a bit of practice. His corner combos are also very strong as you can use the 'down back 2' in all kinds of massive damage dealing combos.

Gunslinger is just as effective if used right. His unique (to that variation's) move set gives out a very unpredictable edge. Gunslinger is a great mix up variation with also the zoning factor being significant. After the patch, you can deal a fair amount of damage with a small bars used of your meter, if in fact you use any. With his incredible useful variation move - stand off you can catch out even the best players. You can mix up the multiple options when in stand off: multiple low shots which a lot of players find hard to block (and great chip damage),a spin shot which gives you real whilst also being offensive and a high shot to the air which will throw people into the air which can be combo off'd.

Outlaw - the most mainstream of Errons variations does earn it's popularity but equally to the more underated of his variations. Most people use outlaw for its great resets and sand toss opportunities. The sand toss is your biggest ally in this variation. It leaves a gap where the other player is stunned, leaving them defenceless against your attacks, and if utilized correctly, deal a massive combo without any pressure on you. He also a great ranged nuetral jump which catches out most players. He also is equipped with a tarkatan blade which creates interesting combos and gives out bleed damage. If bleed damage is used alongside caltrops you can put great deal of pressure on the other character because they will be losing a lot of health as your putting pressure on them.

All variations are amazing. It's really about how you like to play. As I said i use all of them because they are all so great in their own way. Just, which ever you choose. Use to its full potential. They all can live up to high ones!