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BananaTech's advice for Takeda in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted November 3, 2015

I love Takeda a LOT, and you have no clue how much I love to play as him. As Egc pointed out, Takeda has good mix-ups and great reach, but has slow normals, which can be a problem. However, his F3 is a very good attack to get off some quick and easy damage, and in his Shirai Ryu variation, he has a BF1 attack which hits quite fast as well as an aerial DB1 attack which hits overhead, and can really screw with your opponent's mind. He has great mix0ups with his B22+DB1, which hits Overhead twice and then Low, which has great mix-up potential, or his B3+BF4, which is Low to Overhead, but it hits a bit slowly, but high risk=high reward, and this is a good reward, and an EX BF4 can lead to a 44+EX BF1 into a DB3 into 112+BF1 to get off some high damage.
One thing that Takeda lacks is X-Ray combos, as he has no meterless pop-up combos/attacks to get into his X-Ray easily, but, however, you could do a F12 1+2 into DB1 into the X-Ray, which gets off around 38-40 damage, I can't remember, but this combo is quite difficult to pull off, so that's why there's always the Neutral Jump 1/2 and then jump into X-Ray, which gets around the same damage.
The highest damage I have gotten with Takeda is 44%, with a 112+EX DB1 repeated at full meter until the meter was gone, and then I finished it off with a good ol' 112+BF1.
But, yeah, Takeda has good mix-ups with his Kunai(DB1), his Tornado Strike(BF4), his B22, his B3+D3, and his Air Spear(Air DB1). This has been a short guide to Takeda, and this is BananaTech, signing out.

Important Terms

1=square or X
2=triangle or Y
3=X or A
4=circle or B
Air=In midair