Thomakaze's advice for Yoshi in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted September 23, 2015

Ignore everything from YoshiDinoBroYo
Do not use random moves, this is never a good idea.
The egg will not fall off the stage if you use egg lay by the ledge unless your fighting a CPU opponent or someone who has never played smash before. Moving the control stick toward the stage if you are stuck in an egg will cause the egg to land on the stage.
Up-smash is a great kill move but should be reserved for punishes or when your opponent is in kill percentage.

An easy way to land this is to bait an air dodge by using eggs whenever your opponent is descending on the stage with high percent.

f you don't know what that means, follow these steps. Once your opponent is at a high percent. Throw eggs at them whenever they are descending onto the stage below you. This will usually condition them to learn how to air dodge the eggs. Most opponents will focus on dodging the eggs on the way down hoping they can land on the stage. Once they air dodge an egg and are descending pretty close to the stage, start charging an up-smash. Try to time it so they are within range of the hit as they are leaving their air dodge animation. Once you see the air dodge animation ending, hit them with that up-smash for an easy KO.