EasternRomioi3's advice for Gen in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted September 21, 2015

In my opinion, Gen is top 5. This is because of several factors. First and foremost, the ability to combo into the Zanei or Jyakoha supers is laughably easy. He can almost will himself into a super. The Zetsuei ultra 1 follow-up is just a cherry on top for that.

Second, his versatility. Gen's own movements are advantages. You can switch to crane stance, gain a noticeable walk speed increase, immediately switch into mantis and use a mantis combo. This confuses many people, those who are familiar with this difference often assume you're going for a throw or a crane move, like the overhead, and suddenly they're swept. His jump arch plays into this as well.

As for his moves, he has a relatively safe, long distance overhead, exceptional pokes (mantis standing heavy kick, medium kick, sweep, crouching medium punch, crouching heavy punch/crane crouching light punch, crouching medium punch, and the amazing crouching heavy punch).

Next, his cross-up game is nearly unequaled. This is actually also a negative, as it can be really hard to tell what side he is going to land on, thus, screwing with your inputs.

Gen also possesses the most damaging one button press, single hit in the game, crane crouching heavy punch, 180 damage. More than a Shoryuken from Ryu. This move is a good poke against Hugo and has some really cool meaty set ups in the corner. God forbid you land counter hit in the corner, you can land the Jyakoha or Ryukoha ultra. Gen also has the most damaging, single button press, 2 hitter, the standing heavy punch in crane stance. 200 damage. On counter hit it does almost as much as Zangief's heavy SPD and this move is lethal. I often intentionally whiff an overhead on a downed opponent, they stand and immediately block, eating the standing heavy punch.

However, Gen's weaknesses are obvious. Low HP, only 900, low stun, 950, and he is pretty short. Gen's light normals have pitiful range in most scenarios. He only has 3 3 frame moves, mantis standing light punch, heavy rapid hands and EX-rapid hands.

In my opinion, his worst match ups are all footsie based. Against the Shotos, if they get in too close and take advantage of their crouching light punch, Gen is usually forced on raw defense or forced to back dash. Not optimal. Granted, if the situation is a standing battle or an aerial one, Gen usually wins.

The stance changing routine becomes second nature once you learn to use him. You can stance change while in forward dash, back dash, jump, etc. I like to do the Gekiro and switch with it into crane. Also, the unsafe, but extremely dangerous on noobs, Oga dive kick move, is amazing. Free super or ultra follow up (both if you're full stocked). Unsafe of block though but fools a lot of people with all its tricky off the wall, changing the distance, diagonal drop, false drop (the immediate escape that gains no meter).

Sorry for the long winded essay here. Gen is my main, and I hope to see him in SFV!