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RagingDemon's advice for Ryu in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted September 8, 2015

Ryu is a jack of all trades character that doesn't excel at anything outside of zoning. Unfortunately, there are many characters in the game that take away his fireball game completely, so Ryu will have match ups where he's at a severe disadvantage. He still has tools to deal with most situations, but other characters can do things Ryu can do better; some characters have better fireball zoning game, some characters have better footsies, some characters have better comeback potential etc.. In order to play Ryu well, you need to accept that you will be put into situations where you're at a severe disadvantage. When you're at an advantage, you won't really feel like you have an advantage, but in disadvantageous situations, you'll feel very oppressed, so it's important to stay and remain vigilant if you wish to play Ryu at higher levels.