jumbofight's advice for Gen in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted August 10, 2015

This thread is empty so lets get some Gen discussion started.

Gen has some ridiculous Combos available to him, including a couple different combinations of Super > Ultra. The old Mk > hands is a goner, so he lost some of his quick utility on the ground, but his mix up game is pretty solid, his move variety/utility is solid, and he can quickly decimate a player if they can't keep up with the barrage. His multiple Ultra's result in a lot of opportunity to land one every round, and can be combo'd into in a few different ways. His footsie game is solid, he has decent range/strength pokes with good hit boxes and his dashes are quick with good range. Not to mention a decent Kara throw and a great hitbox on FA.

What's not to like!?

The ominous task of switching stances constantly.

That's what.

Gen's utility is greatly curbed by the need to constantly swap between movesets using 3P or 3K often mid-combo. New users will generally have trouble with it and find themselves throwing out the wrong crouching fierce kick or making other mistakes that result in a punish. Mastering the different movesets and moving between them is really key to getting any fun out of Gen, and the satisfaction that comes with an 18 hit combo that involves multiple stance changes, and few people know how to fight against him!...Anyways, Pros vs. Cons

- Multiple Ultras and combos into Ultras - mucho variety
- Easily linkable super > ultra
- Decent mixup game
- Solid BnB combos
- Hugely versatile moveset between both stances

- Stance changing takes a lot of practice to really utilize his whole moveset
- low stamina (he IS a sick old man after all)/
- reliable wakeup requires a bar
- Some matchups (ahem...Zangief) feel heavily weighted in opponents favour.

Seriously, the stance changing is his most major setback. Below average stamina hurts him too, because one or two whiffs can cost a lot, especially on some of the meatier characters who can dole out some pain just for getting too close. The stance changing, even if you're very proficient is just an inherent setback as it can easily throw a wrench in some of the more twitchy footsies/combos/defences as you try to mash that extra button in between a small link or just before an opponents hit is about to land.