Screamouts' advice for Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted August 6, 2015

Little Mac isn't a rushdown character like Captain Falcon.You have to be patient.
Playstyle : defensive punisher
You have to punish you opponent's mistake.If you dash attck too much you'll get a hard time.Dash attack is good only for punish really laggy moves or if your opponent is too far from you.
Your side-B (Jolt Haymaker) is your recovery tool but a punishing-roll move.Just be carefull when you use it as it can throw you out of the stage.I recommend to use this move only when you are at the half of a FD stage.
Your Down-B (slip counter) is ...a counter.Don't use it too often as it can be very predictable.I recommend to air dodge sometimes.

In the Punch Out!!! series you have to dodge your opponent's move and counter them.His game really set his playstyle

So that's it for this.This is not a breakdown on all Mac's tool this is just for all Mac's beginners need to know as they don't really know how to use his moves.

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