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ViperGoomba's advice for Gouken in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted August 4, 2015

7) All of 1-6 combined result in a character that without meter, on his wakeup, has NO OPTIONS. He can try to poke but it'll get beat or counter hit, he can backdash and eat option selects, he can throw but likely get stuffed because backthrow is so freaking slow, or he can parry as a total guess and either guess right every so often, or get armor broken, thrown, or outguessed. Risk doesn't outweigh reward. So get ready for LOTS of matches where after one knockdown at the start with no meter, you get ambiguously and safely assaulted every wakeup until you are dizzy and eat the perfect. Smart opponents with even half a brain just won't respect you and non-stop assault you on wakeup and you'll lose more often than not. SCREW YOU CAPCOM. If you have meter, that opens up the option for EX-tatsu... but smart opponents can just patiently try to bait it out. Even if they eat 3 ex-tatsus in a match, all it takes is one whiff and you eat max damage punish, easily losing 50% or way more of health. Plus then you're out of meter and back to eating one more wake-up assault and being dead.

Gouken is crippled and has piss for attacks, and even PISS for defense options. MUCH too often, UNLIKE the rest of the cast, his ONLY option is to try to GUESS what direction to block. You just have to sit there and take the disrespecting non-stop assault. Get ready for all the players that will just non-stop hit buttons and do sh** without thinking at ALL about what you'll do.... because truthfully they don't have to. Gouken can get LUCKY and hit them away once, resetting the dynamics of the match... but that luck can only last so long when the odds are never in his favor. I win plenty with him, and it is satisfying... but the losses when you CORRECTLY read your opponent and simply can't punish quickly enough or when you can't do anything to stop your opponent from just non-stop harassing you.... are frustrating beyond belief.

Gouken will lose because he has no options in a game that rewards you for attacking. He can't safely attack to get a knockdown or cause chip damage, and can't even defend without risking a lot, and that's with meter. It doesn't matter if he hits like a truck. Good luck getting a hit off in the first place. Nice balancing job, Crapcom. You handicapped Gouken to bottom tier garbage. He gets non-stop disrespected by assault-crazed opponents and the risk-reward of trying to out-think the opponent is so biased against him, you just have to eat perfects for having TRIED to even play the game and do ANYTHING. Capcom created a character made to be disrespected and perfected. Even Dan gets respected on wakeup. Screw you, Capcom.