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ViperGoomba's advice for Gouken in Ultra Street Fighter 4

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posted August 4, 2015

Gouken is rewarding to play as because if you manage to win, you REALLY out-thought your opponent. However, get ready to eat losses constantly because of a crippled character.

1) Gouken's pokes have no reach (cr.lp) or have reach and are too slow (any other), and thus get beat out. He has crap footsies. Have fun in those Elena fights, with her wonky hurtbox. Screw you Capcom.

2) Gouken has essentially no combos from pokes, if you manage to actually poke somebody. You can try to hit a tight link into a palm or tatsu, but if you miss, you get punished. It's best to simply not bother thinking he can do anything from pokes. The risk isn't worth the reward because the punishment is so freaking huge. And crouching mp into fireball does NOT combo unless you're so close to the opponent that using would get beat out by a faster, shorter poke by the opponent. This crappy alternative to the Ryu-esque>fireball is sh**. Screw you Capcom.

3) No safe specials. Even light palm eats DPs on block. THIS IS BS in a game this that's gone through this many iterations. The only viable characters at this point are grapplers, which Gouken is not, and characters that can attack SAFELY, i.e., characters that can either use chipping specials that are safe on block and/or can poke quickly and get that poke to link to SAFE specials leading to knockdown and then have the advantage as the opponent gets up, and repeat, repeat, repeat. Gouken has NOTHING safe, so if your opponent has a decent walk speed and can dodge some fireballs, you really can't do anything that isn't a total gamble. Whatever you try is either safe but leads to nothing (shi**y pokes), or unsafe and will be punished. Screw you Capcom.

4) EX-tatsu has the worst recovery in the game. Easily eats a full-focus. Screw you Capcom.

5) EX-parry loses to armor breaking moves (Adon, Crim.Viper, and the like can go braindead on you) and throws. Screw you Capcom.

6) Backdash is slow and barely moves him, so you get option selected on your wakeup and can't do jack-sh** about it. Screw you Capcom.