LordVincentEsq's advice for Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted July 31, 2015

So here's the biggest misconception about Little Mac:
"Oh he has fast speed and really quick attacks, he must be a rushdown character!"
This is wrong. Little Mac's attacks all have fast startup, but only two of them are safe on shield (d-tilt and properly spaced jab). Try to throw things out and you'll just get grabbed. This combined with his horrible air game and abysmal grab range make him not well suited for rushdown.
They make him godlike at footsies though. Little Mac is a footsie character.
If an opponent is throwing things out at you too much? You can armor through. Somebody mis-spaces themselves? D-tilt pressures and leads into big damage combos with pretty good range. Little Mac is a character to be played slowly and methodically, with damage coming in huge bursts. This is necessary not only because it benefits how he's built, but because of his atrocious recovery.
On the KO Punch: there are reliable ways to combo into it, it is amazing for combacks and mindgames, do not waste it. Having KO punch stocked puts insane mental pressure on the opponent- they want to knock it out of you, but they don't wanna get killed at 30%. Use this to your advantage.
Play Little Mac like you're playing Punch-Out. Wait for your opponent to give you an opening, and wreck them for it with your fast, high damage attacks.
Also, have a co-main, because jesus christ does little mac have some unwinnable matchups.