YoshiDinoBroYo's advice for Yoshi in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted June 16, 2015

So, being a "accomplished" (XP) 11 yr old Yoshi main, I have a few strategies.
1. Yoshi is a quick fighter, so this strategy is pretty good. (and hilarious)
You attack the opponent as fast as you can (types of attacks don't matter, it's all about racking up the damage). When your opponent is 80% or higher, wait at the edge (no grab, just stand at the very edge), and when the opponent moves in to attack, use the Egg Lay attack so the egg falls of the stage. Because you did so much damage earlier, the egg can't break in time, so bye bye opponent. (Feel free to taunt the hell out of him/her XP)

2. A fairly simple strategy, Just Up Smash and Up Air! Thats all!

3. Yoshi has a good movepool, so you can just press random buttons, and still win XP

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