SyncTheTempest4327's advice for Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted June 3, 2015 around 63% on most characters you may be able to land a dair-knee combo. Useful for...showing off.
Not many ppl use Nair as an approach option, so use this to catch'me by surprise.
falcon Punch should only be used if you get a pretty hard read, (ie rolling into u without a counter.)
Dont recover low with him often, if you can avoid it.
Use your second jump as an option to grab the ledge, as some ppl can punish your UPb and SideB.
An don't spike them if they are out of your range, or save your second jump, or you WILL die.
If they shield lots, just run into them, and UPB them.
If they're trying to get back under the stage, go down and UPB for stage spike.
dthrow to Nair or Up air twice, or three times if ur lucky.