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Sailboats27's advice for Pikachu in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted May 24, 2015

An interesting technique I use with Pikachu is full-hopping a NeutralB. When you do this, you are able to run with it, to follow up combos. For example, if they shield the Thunder Jolt, follow with a grab. If they take the hit, dash attack or use a tilt/smash attack. If they jump, go in for an F-air or N-air.

Some combos I use when playing are:
1. Full-hop NeutB, D-tilt, Grab, F-throw, dash attack
The trick with this is to get the trip box on the d-tilt. You can take out the first two steps to this to be able to perform this combo up to 80%.

2. Full-hop NeutB, Grab, D-throw, (Jump) U-air, (Jump) Any aerial
What to do is depending on the second jump, use a different aerial depending on where the opponent is. Works best around 50%-60%.

3. Full-hop NeutB, (Jump) F-air, (Maybe jump) F-air
The second jump depends on the height of the opponent

4. Uncharged UpSmash, U-tilt, U-tilt, (possibly a third) U-tilt, (Jump) U-air, (Maybe jump)U-air
Possibly my favorite low-damage combo, Pikachu's upwards-based attacks are impeccable. I made this combo to display that.

5. Full-hop NeutB, Grab, U-throw, DownB
This combo works great in damage areas 80%-100%. When the foe gets to around 140%, try using a D-throw instead.

Something to also always use is edge-guarding with F-air and B-air. If the enemy is far away enough, definitely use F-air to get a clean KO at a high percent. With B-air, when an opponent is close enough to the stage, use B-air: but make sure that they either go far out enough to where they can't recover/KO, or that they slam into the stage/fly underneath it.

Some of these techniques take a lot of practice (I just started the edge-guarding one), but once you master these + aerial rushing with Pikachu, he's very difficult to work around. I hope this helps!