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Shackzam's advice for Jax's Major Pain in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted May 12, 2015

Now Major Pain isn't one of Jax's best specials moves, but is definitely is one of is underrated moves. You can definitely make a lot of use of this move. It can cause very awkward situations on wake up because of how quickly it is air borne, so anyone that isn't prepared for an air borne confirm will most likely drop there combo on you. This isn't guaranteed because it depends on how meaty your opponents pressure is on wake up.

Major Pain is very hard to punish on block since it is about -6 and you have the occasion of it going behind the opponent. Ex major pain is punishable on block because of the extra animation he does in the air that gives your opponent to get out of blockstun and give you a full punish.

Major Pain is a decent move that could be used for a corner carries in combos and as a situational anti air. It has it's uses, but I wouldn't recommend using this move too much.