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Shackzam's advice for Jax's Ground Pound in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted May 12, 2015

Ground pound is a great way to make your opponent second guess there approach on Jax when far away from him, but this move isn't strictly for zoning purposes. The pound itself is an unblockable unless they jump over it. There a set ups into it that might net you some extra damage.

Like doing EX gotcha and then immediately throwing out a regular ground pound can have your opponent bounce if they don't see the ground pound coming. This bounce can get you a full combo depending on how far away the opponent is. The most useful string to convert off of a ground pound hitting is gonna be forward 21 since it travels such a far distance.

The only thing bad about the move is how slow it is and is very situational depending on if you have a set up for it. It also leaves Jax open to a punish if your opponent successfully dodged it.