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Shackzam's advice for Jax's Downward Dash Punch in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted May 12, 2015

Downward dash punch for Jax is what makes your opponent fear to duck low without blocking over Jax's strings and helps put on this pressure for the opponent to block high against Jax. This helps set up so much pressure for jax with his energy wave projectile (not in Heavy Weapons variation).

Combo wise, downward dash punch is Jax's huge damage comboing move in the corner since it does give a ground bounce that can range from 35%-50% combos in the corner depending on your meter usage. Regular downward dash punch midscreen does not offer the same amount of damage as it does in the corner, but if you were to EX this move midscreen, you would be able to combo after it with a strict run cancel. You could go for damage or a corner carry with this midscreen combo, but it's still beefy damage none the less.
(Also remember that regular midscreen combos with EX downward dash punch against females are either very hard or don't work, so you would have to find your own combo that works on them)

The big gaping flaw about this move, is how incredible punishable it is on block. So when throwing it out make sure that you either hit confirmed into it or you know that your opponent isn't going to block the overhead.