TheAquaMonster's advice for Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted May 10, 2015

A good option for punishing is Down Smash. It comes out quick and covers both sides of Meta Knight. It generally does not kill, but it usually can get them off stage, which is what you want. Side Smash is hard to land, but if you land it, it is potent. It can kill Bowser at the side of the stage at around 90% uncharged. Charging it is just plain horrifying. Problem is it has short range, but if you read your opponent well, it will hurt. And is Up smash is good at punishing airborne opponents, not much else other than that though.

Meta Knight's tilts are pretty good. His up tilt is another anti-air attack and can be used in some low % combos. His side tilt is good for racking up damage and giving you some space, use it when you can. His down tilt is good for giving you space as well, and it has the possibility to trip which is always good.

His aerials are quite good. His Up Air is great for juggling as it comes out quick and pops them up into the air. His Neutral Air is good for keeping opponents off stage and also for racking up damage. His Down Air is good for keeping opponents off stage and its also not bad for flinging opponents off stage. Just be warned that it does not have great range. His Forward Air is good to fling out to rack up damage. It is good in combos. His Back Air is much of the same. There is a trick though that you can do if you land the Back Air just right slightly above the stage. If you land it there it will spike opponents down into the ground and they probably wont be able to react and you can take advantage of that and do a few Down Tilts and combo into something else out of that (be warned though, its tough to do).

Now as far as match-ups go, Meta Knight does well against some of the top tier threats. Some of Meta Knights good match-ups include: Rosalina, Ness, and Fox. He also not bad against Captain Falcon and Sheik. Some of his bad match-ups include: Sonic and R.O.B. I bet there are some other good and bad match-ups but that's all that comes to mind right now.