TheAquaMonster's advice for Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted May 10, 2015

I'm going to start off by saying Meta Knight probably has one of the most brutal learning curves out of any character in this game, but if you can learn him and play him well, he can be a very rewarding character. Playing Meta Knight requires a lot of focus and a good ability to read your opponent.

To start off, Meta Knight's play style has changed from Brawl. He is now a more reactionary character who punishes opponents rather than rushing in. You have to be patient and wait for you opponent to slip up. When they do you have a few options.

One of the best options is go for a grab. Meta Knight's dash grab has good range (it takes some getting used to) and he can follow up with a Down Throw. At low percents he can do an Up Smash out of it followed with an Up Air and an Up B. At mid percents he can go for a Forward Air or a Back Air if you position yourself well. Feel free to get creative because you can do a lot with a Down Throw. You can also mix up with the other throws, but stick to the Down Throw most of the time.

Another option is a Dash Attack. Meta Knight's Dash Attack is great, its quick and pops them up into the air. It combos easily into an Up B, which is one of Meta Knight's greatest Kill Moves. Dash attack is also good for getting them into the air for a Forward Air or a Neutral Air. In fact just doing a Neutral Air on grounded foes is not a bad idea, and its even better for those off stage.

Along with Up B, Meta Knight's greatest Kill option is keeping foes from recovering when they fall off. Using Neutral Air, Down Air, or really any aerial works well at keeping opponents from recovering. Since Meta Knights recovery is so good, that isn't hard for him. Speaking of which all Meta Knight's special moves are good recovery options. Neutral B for horizontal, Up B for vertical, Down B and Side B for both.

Now you don't want to spam his specials, as they are easily punishable. Try to land Neutral B when you can because it racks up damage quickly. When you hit it rapidly press B so it does maximum damage. Also towards the top of the map Neutral B can kill. Side B is good recovery, but it really should only be used for that. Up B is a kill move, land it when you can but don't spam it cause its very punishable. Down B is much the same, very punishable but a great kill move it you hit it. Hold down B to do an attack at the end (which is the kill move) and don't hold it when you want to recover. Just use it very sparingly, as it is super laggy.

Ran out of characters, Ill continue in another post