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Otxoa1992's advice for Jason in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted May 10, 2015

I've been using Jason as my main and now and his Slashed variation is his best. His best combo is F+4,2,F+4,2,F+4,21,1,Bloodshed. Your opponent tries to block the bloodshed by crouch blocking and you can initiate the combo because it's a overhead and pop up and if done right should take 30 to 35 percent health. Opponents know Jason needs to be up close to do damage so they will try to zone you or keep good spacing on you. Sub Zero and Takeda can really beat you down. Make use of the projectile you have so your opponent can't beat you zoning. If you get your opponent in the corner you can definitely destroy your opponent. A really good idea I use is to use F+4,2,F+4,2,X-Ray in the corner and you get to hit massive damage and keep him in the corner. Just remember to stay close to your opponent and if he zones you then try to get close but keep good spacing so you push him in the corner. You can't win a zone battle with Jason. If you face an opponent who teleports then be prepared because it will change your approach quick. Jason needs to use combos and keep pressure on the opponent without letting them breathe or you can lose. Play smart.