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Egc's advice for Takeda in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted May 7, 2015

Takeda main here. Now, Takeda's normals are rediculously slow. However, his mix ups with the kunai and his reach are outstanding. Shirai Ryu is great to pickup first when learning Takeda, simply because his specials are a lot like scorpion's. When I first picked up Takeda, I only used his 112 and 334 combo strings. I then advanced to F12-2+4, if you have trouble with this, F1-2+4 is much faster and easier to get out on the fly. At lower level play, you will notice that you can catch most players with your EX teleport and pop them into the air to start your combos without your opponent ever blocking low when you do your EX teleport. Practice landing a 112 into your BF1 special and once you get this down, practice EX teleport, Jump 1, and then move forward 112 into BF1. This is one of the easiest combos to teach yourself early on. You will find that it is easy to catch low level players off guard when jumping and throwing out your rope to pull them in. Learn these basics, throw in your kunai to mix it up, and go to town.