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Premonished's advice for Kitana in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted May 4, 2015

Kitana's fastest punish comes from her 1,1 and can lead into full combo for all her variations. An example combo for this punish in her Royal Storm is 1,1,Fan-Nado,F+4,3~F+4,3~3,Fan Throw,Dash,Jump Kick,Air Fan Throw,Dash,Jump Kick,Square Wave Boost.

Kitana's B+1,4 and F+3,3,4 is 0/+1 on block which can lead to some mix-ups. After either of those you can push D+1 if you think the opponent will try to jump or poke back, or you can go for a forward or back grab if you think they will block.

Kitana's fan throw on the ground and in the air can both lead into combo if the opponent jumps into them. If they do you can throw more fans for unbreakable damage, or run up to them with a F+4,3 into different enders for more damage.

Kitana's B+2 hits overhead and could be thown out from time to time to catch an opponent crouch blocking. It also catches backdashes on wake up too.

Kitana's F+2,1 has decent range and can be used to get a combo if you see your opponent running at you. You can do this by going into upraise from the F+2,1.

Kitana's EX Throat Slice has armor and is available in all her variations making it a great tool to get her out of high pressure situations.