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rengokuhyouya55's advice for Erron Black in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted April 25, 2015

The Sand Slide is a great low tool found in all three variations. This move sends you bowling across the map, with a range just shy of full-screen. I wouldn't recommend using it at its max range though, as you'll more than likely get blocked by your adversary. And since it does have a rather easy-to-exploit start, I'd say it's best not to use this at point-blank either (although, admittedly, it can get you out of the corner with great speed if it connects). For safety, I'd say this is best to use in two places: At mid-range, and to close out a combo. Using the conversions at the end of strings, you can launch into the slide, adding that sought-after extra damage and putting yourself on the opposite side of your opponent. Its EX form adds three pop-up shots while you're juggled in the air, but it doesn't seem possible to follow up with anything. As such, I'd say that unless you're securing a round with the extra hits, it's better to save your meter.

Next, the Caltrops. These are a staple for his Gunslinger/Marksman variations' zoning aspects, allowing you to cause unblockable DoT (or "bleed") while your opponent is walking/crouching on them. It also prevents running, which can help take the heat off you versus fighters with a run-down (aggressive) style. Those with a teleport though, can make this move a bit useless. The other use for the caltrops, however, is the one I'd say is best. This is to use them in combination with another move, specifically Sand Trap. Since the opponent will be down in an unblockable grabbed state, if you have caltrops down in the same area, you can add a healthy amount of damage to your already-great knockdown. (It should be noted that this is excellent for putting the hurt on cornered opponents, and that by using the EX finish to your Sand Trap, you can keep your foe down on the ground for a few extra seconds before the bonus revolver shot, which means even more caltrop damage while they stay trapped.)

Since I already went into it with the applications of your Caltrops, we'll cover the Sand Trap next. (I love this move!) Basically, it's an advancing grab, which tosses your opponent to the ground and beats them silly for a few seconds. You can EX the Sand Trap to make it add a bonus shot to the end, which also gives you the added bonus of additional space between the opponent and yourself. This means you have a better window to avoid wake-ups, or set up your next string of attacks. It can be used on aerial foes as well, which makes it the go-to golden-boy of combo finishers. Where the move really shines, though, is when you're using the Outlaw variation. With this, you can have caltrops/the Tarkatan Stab in effect, causing 2x DoT while holding your opponent in an immobile state for about three seconds. Ouch. Long story short, if you can get away with it, this move won't let you down.

Hope some of that helps!