ArkticDark's advice for D'Vorah in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted April 23, 2015

An easy way to get damage with D'Vorah in any variation is her forward 4,4 string.

It pops them up so You can connect it 3 times in a row in the corner and I did connect it 3 times from midscreen maybe a couple times but the timing is sooo tight...

An easy, meterless corner combo that does good damage is Jump in Punch, forward 4,4, three times but cancel the 3rd forward 4,4 into Oviposter Charge. Very easy and very damaging.

What is easy at midsrceen is connecting just two forward 4,4 strings and for the 3rd string, input forward 4,2. It looks pretty cool and creepy. Or you could just do forard 4 canceled into Oviposter Charge for the 3rd rep. Either way you are comboing for 30 percentile damage meterless. It all has to be input pretty fast.

I usually get forward 4,4 to connect twice after a Jump Punch Ground Bounce. Probably best to cancel into Oviposter Charge.

I am a fan of the foward 3,4,1+3 string as an ender because it looks cool and it does 19% damage which is more damage than her string that leads into the air grab, back 1,2, down grab, only does 17% damage but it is easier to land I guess.

You can combo forward 4,4 into forward 3,4,1+3 at midscreen for quick damage that looks cool.