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PersonaUser's advice for Kitana's Rightful Heir in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted April 22, 2015

You see this string in a lot of high execution combos, because it is a long hit box that acts as a good scoop for falling opponents. However the conversion into an extended combo from hit is quite challenging (especially under lag). The string flips sides with you and your opponent which makes it very advantageous to use when being cornered by your opponent; however, you shouldn't through this string out carelessly, because it is punishable on block. The easiest buttons to use to combo after are 1 and 3 (even some of the forward or back variations of these buttons work well too) after you hit with one of the two you can either go for a juggle then throw a fan or just throw a fan to extend your combo. However, the most valuable conversion you can do after the string is a jump forward and kick which can hit but is a very tight window.