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drum_kl's advice for Kitana in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted April 22, 2015


1. I haven't tried it for all the characters but you can end a combo with a grab if they opponent is falling from a juggle. For example, catch an opponent in the air with her fan, land dash forward and just before they hit the ground you can grab. Potentially you could meter burn the grab to put them in to stun state and continue the combo, but honestly my execution sucks and I cannot get this consistently.

2. Weakness - I have yet to find a good low hitting normal to start a combo or cancel in to a special move. Down 3 has a very, very, very, limited range but, if you connect I highly suggest cancelling in to fan lift so you can start a combo. Other than that use her Back1-4. First hit is mid and the second hit is low. You can combo in to any special move after 4 connects, even if back1 whiffs. I suggest whiffing Back1 because start up is a little slow. Each hit of this combo moves her forward just a bit, and the 4 has good enough range to be useful.

As a reminder, I'm just a casual player coming over from Street Fighter to try something new. Feel free to correct any or comment on any of the information I provided. I hope this helps anyone looking to play this variation.