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drum_kl's advice for Kitana in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted April 22, 2015

I'm new to playing MK seriously. Coming from a SF back ground.

There is a lot to learn. Dial-a-combo, unblockable special moves, block button, and not being able to punish moves that look like they can be punished. All gripes but all part of learning a new game.

1. Don't lose your cool. Spend time in training mode to figure out your normals, find punishes, and work on execution.

2. Stop yelling at the game! It isn't and won't be SF. Don't expect to play it as such.

For Kitana.Saving meter for the X-Ray for me has been hit or miss. Depending on the situation she will sometimes pass over or through the opponent when using the x-ray and if the last hit does not connect then there will be no xray animation and no damage.

This information is specifically for her Variation B, where she gets sharpen.

Sharpen - Does not last long, but it is great because it adds a few percent worth of damage for every move that involves her fans. Whether it is a combo string or a special move. Using this can mean the difference between a 30% damage combo to a 38-40% damage combo. And based on my time, playing a few percent can mean the difference between a win and a loss. It is best used after a hard knock down. As soon as you knock the opponent down, and before they get up activate sharpen and then go for your mix up.

Princess parry - honestly I have not had much use for it. Start up seems a little slow, especially compared to Sonya's counter. This is not a reaction move (meaning you do it as soon as you see your opponent do a move), or I'm just not fast enough to react. You really need to read the player and anticipate when they will be using a normal in order to get it out in time to connect. Also as far as I can tell it does not counter low hits. IT DOES NOT PARRY/REFLECT PROJECTILES.

Assassin strike - my favorite move! Scary fast start up, also adds 1 hit of armor. With armor she will absorb one hit before the move is interrupted. This can be used at close range to break through an aggressive combo string, or it can be used to close the gap from full screen if someone is spamming projectiles. I cannot tell you how many times this catches opponents off guard, it reminds me of USF4 abel's ultra one, full screen projectile invincibility to punish projectiles SURPRISE! It's also great because once the move is finished it puts her back in to mid/close range where she needs to be for this variation.You can also use it if timed properly to catch opponents if they are falling out of the air after a juggle.