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starzilla83's advice for Erron Black in Mortal Kombat XL

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posted April 22, 2015

Erron Black's first variation, Gunslinger, is easily the least useful of the 3 variations. This variation's unqiue moves are the Money Shot and the Stand Off stance which gives him three different attacks. Entering the stance allows Black to do either a anti-air (2), a quick projectile (4), a low attack which can be used to end some combos (3) and a button to cancel out of the stance (1). His other attack, the Money Shot, has him flip a coin into the air and then he reflects a bullet off of it. This variation is not that useful for a few reasons. For starter, his Anti-Air is not effecive unless your already in the Stand Off stance because by the time you've entered the stance, your oppenent will have likely already landed. Also, the Money Shot is very inaccurate and has a huge start-up time, making it easy to dogde. However there are some good uses of this variation. For starters, pressing 4 in his Stand Off stance is a good way to end a combo, however it's likely the very last shot won't hit, allowing for your oppenent to be able to hit Black with a wake up attack. Also, if your oppenent is trapped far from you behind some caltrops and you in the Stand-Off stance, it's likely they're be scare to move usless they can teleport. If your oppenent is at mid screen, enter Stand Off and then wait to see your oppenent's next move. In most situations, press 4 or, if they jump, press 2.
Gunslinger is a good variation for tricking your oppenent but is both A: useless against oppenents who can teleport and B: is inferior to his other variations.
His second variation is Outlaw which gives him a new move as well as some new combos. His new move, the Tarkatan Poke, is similar to the Caltrops in that in causes damage over-time, however, the over-time damage cannot kill the oppenent. This variation is good for players who prefer a more aggressive play-style.
Outlaw, though rendered useless by long range characters like Kenshi, is a perfect variation for aggressive players or to counter teleporting characters. Just make sure you make good use of the Sand Slide for spamming oppenents.
Erron Black's last variation is Marksmen. This final variation gives the player the Long Shot, Swing Shot and Unload moves. This variation is good for the more deffensive players, however, it's not that great for zooning due to the Long Shot's longer start up and the Unload being able to be easily blocked. The Unload is a move that puts some space between Black and his oppenent, while also doing damage to his opponent. Though the first two shots can be ducked under, the last shot must be blocked. The Long Shot shoots low and lying down characters. It can also duck under some projectiles. Lastly the Swing Shot is a slow pop-up attack.
The Marksmen is a good variation that give Erron Black some good projectiles, but isn't that useful against teleporting characters.
Over all, Erron Black in the hands of a capable player is a deadly force.